Monday, January 31, 2011

CUTEST VS PACKAGING EVER! ...products good too ;)

I am usually a fan of Victoria's Secret VS makeup but the packing on these products are sooo cute! Very YSL but with some slightly tacky animal print lol. But hey its fun!

I like both of the lipstick colors, I got 2 of 4. There is also a midtone pink and a deep wine/berry color (neither of which looked good on me) The formula is kind of think for my liking which makes it a little less moisturizing than other lipsticks I own. The nude is very different than any other shade I own (bought a ton of backups...bought back ups of all these products LOL...i have a problem) The blush I chose is the darkest one out of the 4 but its also the most pigmented. The other blushes are 10x more shimmery and more just like a highlight powder. This one is very pretty and blended out its really pretty and girly. One of my new favorite blushes for sure!

Blush $16 (the better deal of the 2)
Lipsticks $14



These ARE Limited Edition!!!
(there are eyeshadows too but in weird zebra print which seems like it would be hard to get in with a brush)

: )

I hope you all are enjoying this blog! It is super fun for me! I am lovingggg it!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

4 Month Back Order? WTH....VS

Ordered these shoes from Victorias Secret but check out that back order date...5/29! 4 MONTHS! That is crazy. Its only on that color too! (Nude) 

Thought these would be cute with skinny jeans, layering tee and light colored blazer. I like that they are really bulky to wear with pants. (If you have skinny legs these would look nice with a short dress or skirt for the spring/summer possibly even a pair of longer shorts)

Anyway I hope I still want these by the time they come in! O_O

(I ordered a 7 btw)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

gotta love asian cosmetics....

 The Dolly Wink and Melliesh items I got from
I have a Promo Code but I think it might just be for lenses, you're welcome to try it anyway. 
Its for a Free Gift with Purchase.

Loreal (asia only); Etude House, MM, Lunasol

^ My first Jill Stuart blush ^_^ 

(thank you SOOO much to my friend Grace from Singapore : )

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LUSH! 1/24/2011 Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs, Color Correctors & Soap!

 New Strawberries & Cream Mushroom Bubble Bar! (smells of strawberries and mushrooms lol)
This one is Limited Edition for Valentines Day!
Smells nice, nothing too amazing, I like that it tints the water though. In general I like Lush Bubble Bars a lot anyway. They bubble a ton and last a long time!
(dont these look like from Super Mario Bros?)

 Sakura Bath Bomb - Cherry Blossom scented.
This was my first time trying this one, I dont know why I never did before. I love it! Sex Bomb will forever be my favorite but this one is a close second!

 Summer Pudding Soap - Very light scent, I can't even describe it.
The pink parts are regular smooth soap, the oatmeal colored parts are exfoliating! (still soap) And it seems to have something like cherries in there (i picked mine out first time I used this one, they bothered me lol)

Overall: Not crazy about the soap. Its not very fragrant or moisturizing so pretty much does nothing for me. 

 Ma Bar - Bubble Bar
Haven't tried this one yet, smells like coco and honey (like it would go well with Honey I washed the Kids soap) Can't wait to try it! 

Color Correctors! LUSH Makeup! Haven't tried these yet but the super sweet person at Lush asked me to try them out (THANKS AMANDA!) Can't wait to see how they are. They come in 4 colors: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Light Yellow and Dark Yellow.
I am excited to put these to the test!

All products and product info (i.e. actual scent descriptions etc) can be found at any LUSH Store or online.

I am always getting stuff from LUSH so expect to see a decent amount of these posts : )

STILL GLAMORUS Cosmetics - Addicted to Passion & Romance Collection

 SGC Eye and Lip Primer - Addicted (dark maroon/brown) - Passion (Midtone Purple w/ semi gold sheen) - Romance (peachy pink shimmery nude, shines gold. looks like MAC Rubeneqsue paint pot on my skintone)
ALL Shimmery Colors! 

Applied alone the lighter two are kind of on the sheer side, the daker (addicted) shade is VERY pigmented!

Possible review or tutorial in the future!

StillGlamorus can be purchased on

OPI Katy Perry Shatter Polish Demo & Review (also Last Friday Night nail polish)

I ended up going back and purchasing another "Black Shatter" nail polish as well as the "Last Friday Night" color (Both from the OPI Katy Perry Collection)

I also filmed a demo/review video on my main youtube channel and also my new channel I will be starting in the future that will be solely individual product reviews. (i.e. a particular lipstick, foundation. larger more complex reviews and demos will continue to be posted on my main channel. my new channel will be only quick reviews and i will actually be open to requests on that channel)
(for FTC and Product listing double click video to be redirected, then click the info box)

This is my first time using my Canon S95 to its actual potential so I am pretty proud of this video : )


Monday, January 24, 2011

Its finally out! "Just for a Moment" - Jason Chen

This is my friend Jason's first official single so everyone show him some love! 

You may know him as miniachilles on YouTube : ) 

We shot this in one day so don't get all picky for no reason and be unreasonable -__- 

Support Jason and get his first single on iTunes here! =)

If you enjoy this track please click the link to tweet! =)

Follow Jason on twitter and facebook!!

Just for a moment, can we escape
Just for a moment, we'll find a common place
Girl it aint easy, to stay away from you baby
I just gotta say girl, but
Just for a moment, this is our song
This is a moment, where you and I belong
Girl I've been waiting, I know you're waiting
No need to say it, so close your eyes girl 
Just for a moment

Verse 1:
Another state, another city got me tired out
Flashing lights of cameras flickerin as people shout
It's not enough to hear my baby's voice on the phone
Cause the only fan I care about is back home alone
They tellin me that I got plenty o' time for a relationship
Told me to wait on it (no no)
Cause ever since the day you came in my life
You were my favorite, dont know what to make of it (whoa whoa)
Lookin through photos of us in my hotel room
After a couple shows you know I'll be back soon
So many sleepless nights,
tossing, turning alone aint right
Girl you know im impatiently yearnin that

Verse 2:
Travelin around the world without you
Has got me thinkin about the day I found you
I'd climb the highest mountaintops to sing your name
swim to the ocean floor, just so i can see your face
If they only knew what I'm willin to give
to kiss my baby's lips
Girl I aint fakin it (no no)
And everytime they add more time on the road
Girl I be hatin it
I'm just not sayin it (whoa whoa)
I almost left this life but you wouldnt let me
Cause you knew that music's something that made me happy
So girl this one's for you
Every word that I sing is true
I'll be there beside you before you know it babe

(From Jason's info box)
Track produced by: NineDiamond
Lyrics by: Verseatile
Video by: Casey Chan, Alex Twu, Queenie Ito
special thanks to HollyAnnAeRee and Steve Terada!

Copyright 2011: Jason Chen Music

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Shopping Blog! 1/22/2011

Hey Guys! So I decided to start a second blog. My personal one is pretty random, posting my videos and other beauty and life related posts but I wanted to do one that was a quicker update (since you know I don't really care for huge write ups)

I do a lot of shopping (and my twitter followers know) and I don't always do haul videos and such so basically I wanted to have a place where I can picture blog about things I've purchased that way you guys can still know about any great deals I find, my style, etc.

Hope you guys enjoy this blog, I'm pretty excited about it! I have a whole bunch of plans for the up coming year and I can't wait to share them with all of you!

Thanks so much for your continued support : )

<3 Holly

First Up: Just a few things, went out to dinner with the family and stopped in just a couple shops, came home and did a little bit of online shopping. : )




Carmex Moisture Plus
Sheer Pink & Sheer Peach

OPI Nail Polishes 
Fiercely Fiona, Rumple's Wiggin'(x2), Black Shatter

That it for today!