Sunday, February 27, 2011

So much to post but for now...A&F White Jeans...

I loveee A&F jeans! I couldn't resist picking up a few more pairs since they are about 20%-30% OFF lately.
(does anyone know why?)

I haven't had white jeans in a whileee but thought I'd pick some up since I have a new favorite cut from A&F The Brett Super Skinny
(I take a size 0, I kept purchasing a size 2 but they would stretch out sooo quick. I tried on a 0 at the store and they fit like a dream! They still stretch out after wearing them for a few hrs unfortunately.)

I also noticed they had some off the shoulder shirts as well so I wanted to try those out. (If I don't like them I'll just return them)

(I bought 2 of the same pairs because...I have a problem. LOL. I always like to have a fresh pair just in case I wanna wear them somewhere special or if anything happens to my other pair. I own 3 pairs now of the destroyed wash from this cut. I may purchase more O_o)

After Shipping and Tax it came to $170 and change.  Gahh I hate how quickly things add up!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorry for the delay....Tory Burch - MAC - Lancome

I've wanted these ones for a while now and I figured that since I didn't get the CLs that I wanted I might as well get these plus these were under $250 and the CLs would have been over $700 so...I kinda got a deal? well no cause their price is their price know what I mean! *trying to justify* LOL

I don't regret it though I like these more than my original pair!
(bought these from Nordstrom)

MAC Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite Blush

I had really wanted this one but it was Sold Out online when I pre-ordered my stuff. I stopped by my local MAC and scooped this! So glad I did. I like this one better than the other but like them both a lot. Mine was weird when I bought it like someone had touched it but I can't be bothered to return it but now that I've been using it its getting kinda weird like...when you see things that have been swatched too much and they get kinda nasty and swatch uneven with that hard layer over it....O_O idk if any of you know what I'm talking about. LOL. could be from trying to get a good swatch for you guys for these O_o okay I'm gonna stop with that ramble now. hahaha. 

MAC Kissable Lipcolor in Woo Me

I had originally passed on this but I've seen a lot of ppls blog posts and YT videos saying they picked this one up so naturally I got curious. And I'm glad I did because I freakin LOVE the color! It doesn't look so brown on me since my natural lipcolor is a dark/bright pink, it still shows through and just makes a really pretty soft and feminine nude. LOVE! 

...I purchased 3, may go back and get more O_O 

I like it better than the pink one (Enchantee) actually.

Lancome L'Aboslu Rouge in Rose Essencea

This is my favorite Lancome lipstick formulation! So smooth and moisturizing plus the magnetic cap is love!
This color is pretty tied with Rich Cashmere, which was my favorite from this line. This color is still a nude but def. on the peachy side. Again, very pretty and feminine.
(I had a swatch but I lost it...if you follow me on twitter you know that damn deal LOL)

I have a bunch more stuff I can't wait to show you! : ) I dread having to take all the pics >_<
I also just placed an order for some YSL Rouge Pur Glosses! I'm excited! I ordered 3 ($30 a pop! O_O *dies)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Makeup & Accessories : )

Tarina Tarantino Sparkilicity Gold Palette $35 from Sephora 

FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen Mascara
$24 available at Sephora

 I'm not sure about this mascara, its probably waterproof and its not a fiber mascara. I'll have to test this one out!

Available on

Love by Joycos Luxury Lipsticks 
(cute packaging right! Very Dior. Can be a little loose though so I do notice they jiggle around a bit)

Available on
$18.50 EACH

Nude Brown - Lovely Pink

I actually MUCH prefer the brown, the pink I don't like at all on me! The brown surprisingly looks nice. (kind of like a brown version of MAC's Brave lipstick but in luster form.)

Available on

SAVE 5% OFF your Entire Order with Promo Code: HOLLYANNAEREE

OMG I have wanted this wristlet for sooo long! I love it! It is a little larger than I had expected but thats okay.

By: Deux Lux (I actually have a few bags from this brand)

Available on

$34 BUT ON SALE for $22.95

20% OFF Your Entire Purchase with REP CODE: HOLLYANNAEREE
(if you have used it before and try purchasing from the SAME account it will only give you 10% so just sign on as a guest for checkout to get the full 20%)

Another Deux Lux Bag that I go through the site for the prices there are other bags I would have wanted to get from the site from this brand : ( booo.

$118 ON SALE for $78.95

(also from Karmaloop)

Matt & Nat Bag

Not sure if I am loving this, I think it looked much cuter on the model : ( maybe I'll like it better with stuff in it. It just came in today so I haven't been able to play around with it really.


(also from Karmaloop)

Betsey Johnson Earrings

Just thought these were cute and nautical, I dont have any like these...we'll see how I like em. 


available on

(if you have used it before and try purchasing from the SAME account it will only give you 10% so just sign on as a guest for checkout to get the full 20%)

I also ordered a bunch of Free People stuff but I need to exchange the jeans and what not so I'm going to save that for a video : )

(got some lashes from Pretty and Cute as well but was too lazy to take pics tonight! i leave for NYC for Fashion Week in like 12 hrs so....yeah. LOL.  I will be there for the long weekend : )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


 Amazon Princess Blush, Reflects Bronze Glitter
$24, $21

 Makeup Forever Duo Matte Powder Foundation in #202 (I also own #203 and #205 but they are too dark for me now. #203 was my color for a long time, I've gone through one whole pan of #203)
$32 (I believe...)

 I got 2 different colors because one is better for a highlight color and one is better as a brightening concealer
$40 EACH

 My 2nd tube of #1! My favorite YSL Lipstick thus far

 Blunt Blush to use as Contour...I've been watching too many Kandee Johnson videos I think hahaha.
I am skeptical about this product now that I see it in person though, we shall see.

 Got these a little while ago before I started this blog but I get a lot of questions on if I got any of these so I figured I'd put em in the post.

Enchantee and So Vain
(i bought soo many back ups! esp of enchantee!)
(Colors are true to how they are in the tube)

Mega Metal Shadow 

I'll probably talk about how I like these on my YouTube Channel or my NEW Review Channel 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

SIGMA ORDER! Saved 10%

I wanted to order a few (more) backups of my favorite Sigma brushes. Because they are multipurpose its a good idea for me to have more than one of each. (The brush I use for foundation is also good for powder. The brush I primarily use for powder is also good for blush, etc.)

I am planning on cleaning out my brush collection and storing a lot of the ones I don't use anymore. (most of my face brushes are obsolete now) So I need a few more of the Sigmax brushes so that I don't have to keep washing every time I want to use one with a different product. Plus I want to be able to keep one or 2 in my purse...the retractable and the angled are my faves to take with me!

And as a bonus...I saved 10%!

You can do so too!


They almost NEVER have sales so I wanted to make sure to take advantage of this one!

Let me know what you get or what your faves are! 

Friday, February 4, 2011


SIGMA BRUSHES: 10% OFF  w/ link 
and PROMO CODE: PEOPLE2011 : )

^Plus FREE gift with $30 or more purchase!


I have been DYING to try these IPKN glosses! 

They are I believe Korean and they are HUGE tubes! and best part...the come with coordinating mini glosses that can be used as a phone charm or keychain! 

I've heard a lot of good things about these glosses but I can't say I am AS impressed as people were hyping them up to be (I guess I just expected more pigmentation (these are more sheer with one coat than NARS Turkish Delight but better texture and taste, these are also more buildable without getting crazy to me.)) BUT I still really like them and am glad I got them. They may grow even more on me, I have only tried them on once so far (they just came today) They didn't nude out my lips as much as I would love but these are still really good! VERY pretty colors!

Everyone also talks about how huge the tubes are...which they are BUT if you look at the bottom you can see that whole thing isnt filled with gloss it just has hefty packaging and I couldn't find a weight to see how much was ACTUALLY in there. But theres def. a good amount. Would probably take a long time to go through! 

I purchased these from and were $18.99 each.
for 5% OFF your entire order! Any products on the site : )

 I love both the colors I really can't choose one or the other. I picked Babydoll Pink (PK52) and Juicy Orange (OR61) Both are milky pastels (you can see that they are kind of sheer in the swatches, thats only one swipe.)

THEY ARE DEFIANTLY BUILDABLE COLORS! You can also pair these over lipsticks but I like glosses that can stand alone as well as look great over a lipstick and these fit the bill!


I would re-purchase (although I dont think I will have to for a whileee!) and am thinking of buying the Coral and Raspberry as well! (I don't want to try and of the shimmer ones really..I like milky cream colors best)

And I also got a super amazing gift from my friend and fellow youtuber, Molly : ) She sent me the Urban Decay NAKED palette that I could not get my hands on! I had just about give up hope especially since they are going to start making these with a brush instead of the double ended eyeliner. 

(she also sent me a really awesome picture frame that she made butttt unfortunatly it broke in the mail but I think I can just replace the glass part and it'll be okay.

So Molly if you read this THANK YOU SO MUCHHH! x100000000 : ) 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trip to the Mall - Chanel, Lancome, Hello Kitty & A&F

 Hello Kitty Polishes for Sephora
Colors: Minty, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Banana Cream
$10 each. 
I used 100 of my Beauty Insider Points to get the deluxe sample of the actually smells good! 

 My FIRST Chanel Nail Polish and Glossimer 
Gloss - Seashell $28.50 Nailpolish - LE Black Pearl $25

 Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Pink Preview - Matte $22
For a matte this was really creamy when I tried it on in the store!

Lancome Fever Gloss Limited Edition $26
in Pink Ballerine #384 (I got 2 of these)

BTW did I get the free gift with purchase? HECK YES I DID! BOTH! lol. (which is why I bought the lipstick) I tried to take pics but it was a no go. You can always look online to see what was available at Macys. 

 Rock & Republic Blush in LUST
Haven't tried it yet but it looks pretty.

I love the way these fit! I bought a size 2 the other day but they were a little big in the waist so at the store today I wanted to try a smaller size. These fit perfect! The 2R first well too though so I am still gonna keep 'em. You never know when you're gonna have a fat day hahhahha!

These were on sale too! I paid $62 and change : )

The big purchase that killed me today!
Frames and Lenses - $500 *dies*

I need to wear my glasses for at least another 2 weeks (its been 1 week already) so to wear them for that long I really needed a new pair because my prescription has changed and the lenses were all scratched and what not. This was NOT a fun purchase but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. :o\

(I want to post the other stuff I got from Chanel (Spring Collection & other stuff) but I got it before I started this blog so idk if I should. Maybe that will be posted on my regular blog. 

BTW I have a small blog sale on my regular blog right now so check it out if you are interested!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HELLO KITTY - Karmaloop!

Smaller order from Karmaloop but everything was so cute! 

Don't forget you can use REP CODE: HOLLYANNAEREE 
for 20% OFF your entire order!

But everything was a really good price so I could not resist, esp the earrings...suchhh a good deal!

: )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Walmart Haul? ESSIE NAILPOLISH : )

So as some of you may know Essie is my FAVORITE nailpolish brand! life. lol. 
But it can be kind of hard to come by near me. I had heard that Walmart now carries the brand which I was excited for local Walmart does not carry it yet...figures. 
Anywaysss I stopped at a Walmart yesterday (not for the polishes) and was pleased to see a display of them on an end cap, of course, I had to grab a few.

They didn't have a tonnn of colors BUT they did have the one I was after which is Tart Deco (the coral/peach color shown) The pink one I think may be limited edition, I'm not sure. There were a couple other polishes with it but none that were really any different than polishes I already own. The blue one I purchased because I have really been wanting China Glaze Secret Periwinkle, just haven't gotten around to purchasing it. On I think the Essie one (Lapiz of Luxury) is darker than the China Glaze and...I dont think I really care for it on me. : ( I did a blue glitter (almost) gradient using the Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" OPI polish...I think this one looks better on its own. (I dont care for the look on me but I figured I would post a pic anyways so you could see what it looked like.

(btw these were about $8 each ($7 and change before tax) prices may very per location but that's pretty much the standard price I've seen for the brand.)

(BTW was Jazzed by Essie a Limited Edition color? I've been meaning to get it but never see it anywhere)

I hope you all are enjoying this blog! Thanks for following : )