Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trip to the Mall - Chanel, Lancome, Hello Kitty & A&F

 Hello Kitty Polishes for Sephora
Colors: Minty, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Banana Cream
$10 each. 
I used 100 of my Beauty Insider Points to get the deluxe sample of the actually smells good! 

 My FIRST Chanel Nail Polish and Glossimer 
Gloss - Seashell $28.50 Nailpolish - LE Black Pearl $25

 Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Pink Preview - Matte $22
For a matte this was really creamy when I tried it on in the store!

Lancome Fever Gloss Limited Edition $26
in Pink Ballerine #384 (I got 2 of these)

BTW did I get the free gift with purchase? HECK YES I DID! BOTH! lol. (which is why I bought the lipstick) I tried to take pics but it was a no go. You can always look online to see what was available at Macys. 

 Rock & Republic Blush in LUST
Haven't tried it yet but it looks pretty.

I love the way these fit! I bought a size 2 the other day but they were a little big in the waist so at the store today I wanted to try a smaller size. These fit perfect! The 2R first well too though so I am still gonna keep 'em. You never know when you're gonna have a fat day hahhahha!

These were on sale too! I paid $62 and change : )

The big purchase that killed me today!
Frames and Lenses - $500 *dies*

I need to wear my glasses for at least another 2 weeks (its been 1 week already) so to wear them for that long I really needed a new pair because my prescription has changed and the lenses were all scratched and what not. This was NOT a fun purchase but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. :o\

(I want to post the other stuff I got from Chanel (Spring Collection & other stuff) but I got it before I started this blog so idk if I should. Maybe that will be posted on my regular blog. 

BTW I have a small blog sale on my regular blog right now so check it out if you are interested!



  1. <3 your shopping blog is like what I've been waiting for! I love the frequent updates girlfriend <3

  2. nice. Do you like the Chanel lip glosses? No point of asking my mom 'cause she's a big Chanel, Lancome, and Clinique fan before I was even born. lol. You know you can use the same frame, just ask for an update lenses BUT those are pretty nice simple Prada glasses ;] Do you need them to see far or read?

  3. hahha yes i do. i usually do but its been probably like 5 years since ive gotten new frames so we figured it was time plus the ones i have arent comfy for extended wear theyre really heavy. these are nice and light.

  4. OH!! I love the hello kittyy nail polish!
    I know! i hate buying the lenses & frames :(

  5. I love the Hello Kitty nail polishes!! I wish I could grab em but they are sold out where I am :(:( The blueberry and bubblegum looks exactly like your essie ones u just got in the pics!

  6. Oh the Chanel Vernis is soooooooo great! I got it for Christmas and cannot stop wearing it! I also checked out the hello kitty line at sephora, the cream shadow sticks are so great! I love your youtube & blogs! Gives me great fashion and make up ideas^^ Thanks soo much!

  7. Amazing purchases! I love how you always buy the perfect products at such a great price! :)

  8. Hello Kitty nail polishes are soooo cute!!!

  9. did you like any of the other hello kitty stuff? I purchased the eye shadows and i returned it right away. horrible and cheap. but the nail polish and perfume really does smell good. And doesnt LUST remind you of Bedroom with sparkles?

  10. i bought prada frames last month also! they were sooo expensive :( and my lenses cost even more than the frames (i think the lenses themselves were $350). sighhh, but i love them.

  11. caaaannot get over how cute the Hello Kitty packaging is!

  12. :O how did you paint our nails?? theyre so pretty..

    and can u take a pic of the hello kitty perfume out of the box?

  13. The Hello Kitty nail polishes are so cute! I traded in my points for the perfume as well.

  14. Holly I am all sorts of nosy cause I check to see what you buy daily! Hehehe! Ohh how cool the Hello Kitty perfume actually smells good! :) I think I wanna buy the Hello Kitty nail polishes too, just for cute decor. LOL! HAPPY FRIDAY! <3 April

  15. Hey Holly! I was just wondering where you bought the Rock & Republic blush =) Thanks!

  16. Hollyyyy your shopping blog is genius! I love it! <3 You get the cutest coolest things ever :D I totally feel your pain, I gotta buy new frames and lenses soon too and its gonna kill me >< ack.. but you'll be glad you have them though when you wear them :) I love your color choices for the glosses! Esp the seashell one. And where did you manage to find R&R blush?!?! I've been looking all over :( :(