Sunday, February 27, 2011

So much to post but for now...A&F White Jeans...

I loveee A&F jeans! I couldn't resist picking up a few more pairs since they are about 20%-30% OFF lately.
(does anyone know why?)

I haven't had white jeans in a whileee but thought I'd pick some up since I have a new favorite cut from A&F The Brett Super Skinny
(I take a size 0, I kept purchasing a size 2 but they would stretch out sooo quick. I tried on a 0 at the store and they fit like a dream! They still stretch out after wearing them for a few hrs unfortunately.)

I also noticed they had some off the shoulder shirts as well so I wanted to try those out. (If I don't like them I'll just return them)

(I bought 2 of the same pairs because...I have a problem. LOL. I always like to have a fresh pair just in case I wanna wear them somewhere special or if anything happens to my other pair. I own 3 pairs now of the destroyed wash from this cut. I may purchase more O_o)

After Shipping and Tax it came to $170 and change.  Gahh I hate how quickly things add up!

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