Wednesday, February 9, 2011


 Amazon Princess Blush, Reflects Bronze Glitter
$24, $21

 Makeup Forever Duo Matte Powder Foundation in #202 (I also own #203 and #205 but they are too dark for me now. #203 was my color for a long time, I've gone through one whole pan of #203)
$32 (I believe...)

 I got 2 different colors because one is better for a highlight color and one is better as a brightening concealer
$40 EACH

 My 2nd tube of #1! My favorite YSL Lipstick thus far

 Blunt Blush to use as Contour...I've been watching too many Kandee Johnson videos I think hahaha.
I am skeptical about this product now that I see it in person though, we shall see.

 Got these a little while ago before I started this blog but I get a lot of questions on if I got any of these so I figured I'd put em in the post.

Enchantee and So Vain
(i bought soo many back ups! esp of enchantee!)
(Colors are true to how they are in the tube)

Mega Metal Shadow 

I'll probably talk about how I like these on my YouTube Channel or my NEW Review Channel 



  1. Hey holly! Omg I'm so excited for u! You're gonna love the wonder woman products! U should also check out marquis D lipstick from the line .. Its like a light peachy pink:)

  2. Great haul, I love everything you got!

  3. i want to pick up some ysl lipsticks because of you!

  4. Hmmmm you make me want to try the kissable lipcolours!

    I have come to the conclusion that you are queen of haulin' cause you be ballin'!!! :D

    143..I love love love love you

  5. mac reflects bronze glitters is one of my favorite mac products~
    just so darn sparkly && pretty~

  6. I wanted to get 'blunt' too after watching so many of Kandee's videos but after checking it out in the store, I decided not to get it. It was too dark!! (I'm Korean with light skin and harmony was already dark enough for me except I didn't like that it had a pink undertone). So I opted for the contour powder 'sculpt' instead. I haven't tried it out yet but hopefully it'll turn into a fave!! ;)

  7. Ooh you got the kissable lipcolour (enchantee) I wanted to get but couldn't cos they sold out here :( lol I might pick up a YSL lipstick instead tho ^^ can't wait to hear your review on all these~

  8. The tory Burch shoes are they comfortable?? are they smaller than normal?? I love your blog by the way. thanks for sharing.
    here is the link of my blog if you ever have some time to check it out.