Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorry for the delay....Tory Burch - MAC - Lancome

I've wanted these ones for a while now and I figured that since I didn't get the CLs that I wanted I might as well get these plus these were under $250 and the CLs would have been over $700 so...I kinda got a deal? well no cause their price is their price know what I mean! *trying to justify* LOL

I don't regret it though I like these more than my original pair!
(bought these from Nordstrom)

MAC Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite Blush

I had really wanted this one but it was Sold Out online when I pre-ordered my stuff. I stopped by my local MAC and scooped this! So glad I did. I like this one better than the other but like them both a lot. Mine was weird when I bought it like someone had touched it but I can't be bothered to return it but now that I've been using it its getting kinda weird like...when you see things that have been swatched too much and they get kinda nasty and swatch uneven with that hard layer over it....O_O idk if any of you know what I'm talking about. LOL. could be from trying to get a good swatch for you guys for these O_o okay I'm gonna stop with that ramble now. hahaha. 

MAC Kissable Lipcolor in Woo Me

I had originally passed on this but I've seen a lot of ppls blog posts and YT videos saying they picked this one up so naturally I got curious. And I'm glad I did because I freakin LOVE the color! It doesn't look so brown on me since my natural lipcolor is a dark/bright pink, it still shows through and just makes a really pretty soft and feminine nude. LOVE! 

...I purchased 3, may go back and get more O_O 

I like it better than the pink one (Enchantee) actually.

Lancome L'Aboslu Rouge in Rose Essencea

This is my favorite Lancome lipstick formulation! So smooth and moisturizing plus the magnetic cap is love!
This color is pretty tied with Rich Cashmere, which was my favorite from this line. This color is still a nude but def. on the peachy side. Again, very pretty and feminine.
(I had a swatch but I lost it...if you follow me on twitter you know that damn deal LOL)

I have a bunch more stuff I can't wait to show you! : ) I dread having to take all the pics >_<
I also just placed an order for some YSL Rouge Pur Glosses! I'm excited! I ordered 3 ($30 a pop! O_O *dies)


  1. you have such nice taste!! i swear i live vicariously through you haha :P how do you afford it all? if thats not too personal :/

  2. LOVE the tory burch flats holly!! the new haul blog is great, keep blogging =)

  3. I have woo me and I love it. Its a gorgeous and wearable nude.

  4. Urgggg it hurts whenever i wear my Tory Burch!

  5. love tory burch AND those flats! you got a really good deal on them. the blush is gorge as well as the lipcolour! may check them out now :) thnx for sharing! xx

  6. i didnt get a deal, thats how much they are. they werent on sale. i have cheaper tax in my state.

  7. I just got Rich Cashmere recently and love it!!! Might have to give Rose Essencea a try now. :) Thanks! Love the new blog btw.

  8. do the Tb fit true to size or did you go up or down a size I have to order online cuz i dont live in the US!