Saturday, February 5, 2011

SIGMA ORDER! Saved 10%

I wanted to order a few (more) backups of my favorite Sigma brushes. Because they are multipurpose its a good idea for me to have more than one of each. (The brush I use for foundation is also good for powder. The brush I primarily use for powder is also good for blush, etc.)

I am planning on cleaning out my brush collection and storing a lot of the ones I don't use anymore. (most of my face brushes are obsolete now) So I need a few more of the Sigmax brushes so that I don't have to keep washing every time I want to use one with a different product. Plus I want to be able to keep one or 2 in my purse...the retractable and the angled are my faves to take with me!

And as a bonus...I saved 10%!

You can do so too!


They almost NEVER have sales so I wanted to make sure to take advantage of this one!

Let me know what you get or what your faves are! 


  1. Argh..cannot get on Sigma's website now...!! Holly do you know when will the discount end?? Thanks!!

  2. its back up now! idk what was going on with it. as far as the promo code im not sure to be honest.

  3. Thanks Holly :) I just made my first Sigma purchase, I just had to try out that flat top synthetic kabuki for myself after all the good reviews!

  4. I LOVE the F80!!!!!!!!! So much. I need to get the F82.