Monday, January 31, 2011

CUTEST VS PACKAGING EVER! ...products good too ;)

I am usually a fan of Victoria's Secret VS makeup but the packing on these products are sooo cute! Very YSL but with some slightly tacky animal print lol. But hey its fun!

I like both of the lipstick colors, I got 2 of 4. There is also a midtone pink and a deep wine/berry color (neither of which looked good on me) The formula is kind of think for my liking which makes it a little less moisturizing than other lipsticks I own. The nude is very different than any other shade I own (bought a ton of backups...bought back ups of all these products LOL...i have a problem) The blush I chose is the darkest one out of the 4 but its also the most pigmented. The other blushes are 10x more shimmery and more just like a highlight powder. This one is very pretty and blended out its really pretty and girly. One of my new favorite blushes for sure!

Blush $16 (the better deal of the 2)
Lipsticks $14



These ARE Limited Edition!!!
(there are eyeshadows too but in weird zebra print which seems like it would be hard to get in with a brush)

: )

I hope you all are enjoying this blog! It is super fun for me! I am lovingggg it!


  1. Instint looks sooooo nice! I might check these out later! And the packaging is pretty cute! lol

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  3. if i posted swatches it would NOT be on this blog. a lot of ppl have been asking me for that on my various posts but this is just a shopping blog NOT a beauty blog. I will not be doing swatches on this blog for the most part. Occasionally here or there but generally no. thank you!

  4. Siwing, I have a swatch of some of the products in this line. Check it out.

    Holly, Have you used the blush? In was in the store when I bought the Instinct lipstick and some other makeup...but I was debating and decided to wait for someone to get it and see how they liked it.

  5. Love the colors...guess I will be heading to VS to try them out. Thank you.

  6. yes but i only like it in this color. the rest are more like shimmery highlight colors. (all shimmer) (i did mention that i have tried it...well not directly but i said its one of my favorite new blushes.)

  7. the colors look great!!!
    especially the nude
    gonna go check it out in person~

  8. thanks for sharing! the packaging alone is worth it. xo

  9. I am so glad you bought and blogged about these. I was debating on whether to get them or not. Loved the packaging (I'm a leopard lover, lol). I am definitely going to get the same colors you picked out (I already planned on getting those colors.) Thanks for the input!

  10. Love love loveeeee this blog! Keep it up!