Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Shatter Polish Demo & Review (also Last Friday Night nail polish)

I ended up going back and purchasing another "Black Shatter" nail polish as well as the "Last Friday Night" color (Both from the OPI Katy Perry Collection)

I also filmed a demo/review video on my main youtube channel and also my new channel I will be starting in the future that will be solely individual product reviews. (i.e. a particular lipstick, foundation. larger more complex reviews and demos will continue to be posted on my main channel. my new channel will be only quick reviews and i will actually be open to requests on that channel)
(for FTC and Product listing double click video to be redirected, then click the info box)

This is my first time using my Canon S95 to its actual potential so I am pretty proud of this video : )



  1. I love your descriptions, that looks like a "witches nail" haha ;) Great video!!!

  2. where do you go and buy these nail polishes? i can't find them online!