Wednesday, January 26, 2011

gotta love asian cosmetics....

 The Dolly Wink and Melliesh items I got from
I have a Promo Code but I think it might just be for lenses, you're welcome to try it anyway. 
Its for a Free Gift with Purchase.

Loreal (asia only); Etude House, MM, Lunasol

^ My first Jill Stuart blush ^_^ 

(thank you SOOO much to my friend Grace from Singapore : )


  1. I love Melliesh gloss! And the Jill Stuart blush looks gorgeous. Her items are always so pretty!

  2. What. Dolly Wink has an eyeshadow quad?! When did this happen?! O A O DO WANT. If I remember correctly, you own some of the falsies from them as well right? I'd really love a review on Dolly Wink products from you!

  3. i hope you can do a review on the melliesh gloss holly. :)

    JS has the best packaging! Sooo pretty!

  4. Lunasol was mentioned in the latest Marie Claire and it sounded really interesting, how do the eyeshadows work?

  5. I love Asian cosmetics!! I would like to see more! Hahaha.. May be a recommandations post? Pleaaaase! ;) Thanks!

  6. oooo the dolly wink quad is pretty im getting that!! =]

  7. can't wait for the reviews =D

  8. ahh dolly wink will always be one of my fave cosmetic brands! Asian make up always have better packaging and selections than our average north american brands. Even the drugstore ones you find in japan and korea look a lot more appealing than the ones we find at Target or Shopper Drugmart. Thats why i always have to trek to sephora for some anna sui etc. or order online for my favourite eyeshadow palettes! T__T so tedious but well worth it!

  9. Oh wow the Jill Stuart packaging looks so cute!

  10. Oh they are so pretty! Have you tried the MJ mascara yet? I'm in Hong Kong and people absolutely love it. I bought one today and it's amazing :)

    Love your blog and youtube videos, I've been a subscriber for over a year and I think you're the best!