Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NEW Sigma 10% OFF CODE! & My Top Picks!

For those of you still looking to save some money on Sigma Brushes....

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My top Sigma Picks:

1. Sigmax Synthetic Face Kit

Or if you get them individually: 
2.-Flat Top Kabuki - F80
3.- Angled Sigmax Brush - F84

4. Flat Top Retractable Kabuki 

5. Tapered Face Brush - F25

6. Make Me Up Brush Kit (I prefer the Blue but there are other colors)
I love the storage on this thing!

7. Concealer - F70

8. Large Concealer - F65 (I like this for MAC ProLongWear Concealer)

9. Powder/Blush Brush - F10 (Like MAC's 116. Great for Blush/Powder/Highlight)

10. Blending - Either E35 OR E25

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  1. you should do a video on how you organize all your stuff.
    like your closet, your jewelry, your makeup