Thursday, March 31, 2011

Target Haul! (I'm BACK!)

Sorry I've been M.I.A. I've been super busy getting settled etc. I am still looking for a place to take pics so until I find a good place that works this is what we've got to work with O_o

Anyways thanks for following : )

I wanted to try these new Sonia Kashuk Full Volume Lashes that my friend Jackie tweeted a couple weeks ago. I think I'm really gonna like them since I've been wearing shorter and less spike-y lashes.

$4.99 each at Target

idk why these next few pics came out vertical but...I also do not know how to fix it on here LOL.

Grabbed another pair of the Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Lashes (These use to be my favorites for like...ever! I feel like theyre kinda long for me but I still like them a lot)

$4.99 each at Target

I wanted to try these ELF lashes, I've heard they're bad but....I needed to find out for myself O_o We shall see.

$1 from eyeslipsface or Target (well anywhere that carries ELF)

I left my Voluminous Carbon Black at home so I decided to re-purchase another. I actually really like this mascara. The first time I tired it, hated it then tried it again a few months ago and really enjoyed it.

it was $4.99 at Target and there was a $1 OFF coupon so 


OMG these are my favorite eyeliners for the waterline! I found 2 AQUA ones which I have a reallly hard time finding so I had to grab em. And I was like what the heck...might as well get another black one. LOL. 
(I have all of the colors from this range. They have new ones that are auto sharpen but I am skeptical. Anyone try them yet?)

$5.99 each at Target

ENJOY! I hope to be back with more posts as I get settled and organized here.


  1. omg, my target doesnt carry milani. boo! ive been looking for the aqua one for ever. lucky you~~ my cvs never has it T_T
    btw, so glad youre back! missed your videos/posts :D

  2. I'm obsessed with their eyeliners!I tried the automatic propel liquif'eye pencil (in purple). I do like it but it's not as creamy as the orginal liquif'eye pencils, it also has a bit of shimmer/sparkle in it.

  3. Oh! Lashes galore! :) I actually have 3 ELF lashes stored up but I've never used them. Could you let us know what you think of them? I'm not sure if I should use them or just give them away. Thank you, Holly! <3

  4. I LOVE the Glam lashes from Sonia Kashuk :) I find that the band is slightly hard and the lashes don't bend very well (not too flexible), but i just like the way they LOOK, lol .. funny, i wore the them the other day and thought the same thing -- kinda long! lol .. but great for "dramatic" eye days :D

    lurrrvvvveee the Milani Liquif'eyes! haha, i grab an Aqua one every time i find one cuz it's so hard to find in my area too :( i'm beginning to build a collection of JUST the Aquas! hahaha ... all bad! *smh*

  5. Whaaat, my Target doesn't have Milani, I got these for like $8 at CVS